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Mar 06
Calendar Girls, The Musical, Theatre Royal Bath Review

That venerable institution, the WI, beloved of lady jam makers, place mat crocheters, bring and buy sales, and good old-fashioned community spirit, quite possibly had its finest hour with the true story upon which the film, the play and the musical is based. In a small Yorkshire village, the group rallied around to support one […]

Feb 21
And Then There Were None, Theatre Royal, Bath Review

Who doesn’t love a creepy whodunit full of suspense and intrigue : Agatha Christie was the master of this genre and the play based on her story And Then There Were None will keep you enthralled right up to the end when all is revealed. Ten guests are invited to an isolated mansion off the […]

Jan 12
The Circle, Theatre Royal, Bath Review

Somerset Maugham’s satirical play, The Circle, first aired in 1921 and a period piece maybe but the shenanigans of today’s top-drawer society can still be found relevant in the marital swapping and lack of commitment and responsibility. Lady Kitty a flighty society beauty chooses heady romance over her dull but dutiful husband Clive, abandoning her […]

Dec 11
Sleeping Beauty, Theatre Royal, Bath Review

t’s the start of the festive season and the Panto’s back in town! And this year in a more glittery, musical, special-effects laden production than ever, scripted by Mr Panto himself, Jon Monie, you can be assured of plenty of laughter laden sketches as well as all the traditional “oh no we haven’t” moments that […]

Nov 22
Quiz Theatre Royal Bath Review

Rory Bremner’s long career beginning as an impressionist, then popular comedian and actor, combines all three talents in his portrayal of the redoubtable Chris Tarrant hosting the nation’s favourite quiz show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire. And not just any episode, the one in which shock horror the willey Coughing Major was accused of […]