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If you want to know what really separates the sexes all you have to do is watch the shopping habits of men and women on a Saturday afternoon. Its not that men don’t like shopping you understand... these days most blokes wear more moisturiser than the lady of the house... its just that we don’t like spending four hours trying on clothes that we know we’ll never wear, furniture that’s too big or too small for any room in the house or debating the relative merits of tomato and basil as opposed to tomato and dill!

The good news is we’ve a comprehensive list of high street giants and side street specialists to suit all pockets and both sexes. From haute couture to haute cuisine you’ll find everything to fill your needs and with great online shopping facilities you may even decide to avoid the rush and simply click on your basket from the comfort of home.

Which does bring me to a flaw in my opening gambit. Four hours spent looking at the computer screen trying to decide on the best buy and this time it was me and not my other half... well, it’s not easy trying to decide whether to go for the TV with the widest screen, the flattest screen or the one with the most buttons to play with!