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Oh don’t look so disappointed... we all have to work for a living. Of course, the smart ones among you will have realised that deciding what work you do and, in some cases, who you do it for, can make a real difference further down the line.

Put in some blood, sweat and tears now and you can reap the rewards in years to come. Bath is a thriving business centre with a vast range of opportunities just waiting to be snapped up. Polish off the CV and start re-assessing your skills base. The modern market is adaptable and you may have to be too.

There are specialist agencies for every career-type and you’ll find adviser’s only too tilling to help you with your search. If, like me, you’re looking to retire early to start living the good life, you may want to take your time and choose well.

or, like me, you may realise that at current pay rates retirement comes in the year 3045... and I may be past my best by then!