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In order to provide you with a detailed rundown of the venues available here I suggested to the boss that I really ought to get out there and do some on-the-spot research.

The boss suggested I really ought to get back in the office and do some on-the-spot work while I still had an office to work in, but you’ll appreciate the effort. And to be fair, research of pubs and clubs in Bath could become a full-time occupation... now there’s a job you’ll never see advertised.

Doesn’t stop us escaping from the day-to-day to get out and sink one or two with friends though, so wrap the eyeballs around our extensive list, waiver just long enough to work up a thirst, then call the boozing buddies to arrange the meet.

Just remember to pace yourselves... we’ve got a lot of places to see... and I think we should all take our time enjoying the journey. Mine’s a pint by the way!