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The Whatson Bath Property section has collated an essential guide to property and ancillary services. You’ll find all the information on estate Agents, Letting Agents and New build companies plus the latest information on the South West’s property market, the latest developments, waterside properties or regal Town houses. It’s all here, plus a link to the services section which will provide information and tips of where to find help with home improvement, etc.

You can also link directly through the Property South West Magazine which is full of information and tips on moving to the South West. The latest edition is available online to read at your leisure.

The southwest has been one of the star performers in the decade-long property boom that has just come to a juddering halt. The region provided the three best-performing coastal towns in England and Wales last year. Bath and Bristol saw small dips but price growth rates are still over ten per cent.

The retirement sector, a major part of the housing industry, is stable because most of its buyers are down-sizing from elsewhere. This brings plenty of equity from their old homes whilst the mid- to low-end of the market is in the doldrums.

Mortgages will be harder to obtain but prices will drop and there are many great deals on offer to you. A good mortgage adviser is a must for buyers; they will source all the information from lenders on what is available on the buyer’s behalf.

In case you need reminding there are just a few good reasons why the South West remains a really good place to live -

Bristol was voted one of the most popular places to live in Britain it was also voted one of the top three most popular cities with Bath emerging as one of the safest places to live and coming fifth in a recent survey by insurance company Endsleigh. (May 30th 2008) Data showed that People living in the South West are more likely to live to the age of 75 than those living elsewhere in England and Wales. Men in the South West now have a 70% chance of living to 75 while Women have an 80% chance. This compares with a 62% chance for men and a 74% chance for Women living in the North East

Regardless of the dip in the market many people will still move with their job or for many other reasons. Buyers look at location, schools, accessibility to motorways, train stations etc.,so you can see why the Whatson Property guide is a must and an important information source to buyers and sellers alike.