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Ahhh... the little cherubs... where would we be without them? Sunbathing in Barbados without a care in the world and with more disposable cash than Roman Abromovich on a trip to Sainsbury’s... probably.

Still, we wouldn’t swap them for the world... for a new plasma entertainment system with all the trimmings yes, but the world...definitely not. So we thought we’d better offer you some initiative ideas on how to entertain the little rotters. After all no-one likes to be bored, no matter what age they are.

Thankfully, many of the facilities and trips on offer actually keep them occupied for more than the 3 seconds we’ve all had to get used to and, if you’re really lucky, some even involve taking them off your hands completely... albeit temporarily.
Cycling trips, horse riding, swimming, fun parks, zoos... you name it we’ve got it. You may even enjoy some of the activities yourself. We’ve all got a big kid inside us somewhere.
Bath has an abundance of museums to keep the children occupied and boasts some of the best parks in the country with beautiful gardens and great adventure play areas.

You will find information on both indoor and outdoor activity centres, some of Britain’s most spectacular caves and a multitude of exciting places of interest nearby to visit.
There really is such an exceptional choice on offer that we cannot fit them all onto this page so you will find a huge choice on Activities, Attractions and Kids Zone that will blow you away!
So if you want to know what’s on, when it’s on, why it’s on , I give you the definitive guide…your very own Whatsonbath